After almost 21 years our beloved restaurant Lucques is now closed.


Lucques has lived a long and wonderful life and become far more than the sum of its parts. We are so proud of what we have accomplished which was way beyond our wildest imagination when we opened our doors at 8474 Melrose Avenue on September 25, 1998. We could not have anticipated the immeasurable love and dedication that grew over time for a place that we both just wanted to feel like the restaurant WE always wanted to go to.


From the hundreds of cherished employees past and present to the relationships we developed with farmers, vintners, chefs and purveyors locally and around the globe to the magical, unexpected and multiple awards from the James Beard Foundation,

we could never have dreamed it.


Through our two decades at Lucques, we have seen many engagements, marriages, family celebrations and children born. We have seen our own families form and grow. The highlight of it all has been beyond food, wine, service and atmosphere---it has been the relationships we have built with so many people who have come through our doors and lived their lives within the four walls of our first-born restaurant.


We cherish those memories and they will live forever in our hearts.


We hope that you will come and see us at one of our other restaurants where you can enjoy a meal and raise a glass to the incredible years we have had with our staff, friends and family at LUCQUES.


Until then, may you and your families stay safe and healthy during this time.


Yours Sincerely,


Caroline and Suzanne

8474 Melrose Avenue   West Hollywood, California     90069     323 655 6277